2014-15 Board of Directors


President – Martin Canales
Contact: president@unitedfc.org

Vice President – Eric Fromme
Contact: vp@unitedfc.org

Treasurer – Mark Reich
Contact: treasurer@unitedfc.org

SecretaryJim Serpa
Contact: secretary@unitedfc.org

Director – Philip LaMarche
Contact: phil@unitedfc.org

Director – Alex Quilantan
Contact: alexq1031@yahoo.com

Director – Stacy Burt
Contact: stacy@unitedfc.org

Other Contacts:

Co-Technical Director – Joshua Stringer
Contact: jstringer@unitedfc.org

Co-Technical Director – Brian Reed
Contact: breed@unitedfc.org

Assistant Technical Director – Mark Jones
Contact: joneszone2205@gmail.com

Executive Director – Karl Simonian
Contact: executivedirector@unitedfc.org

Assistant to the Directors – Mieke Allen
Contact: mieke@unitedfc.org

Registrar – Mieke Allen
Contact: mieke@unitedfc.org

Bookkeeper – Nicolette Myers
Contact: bookkeeper@unitedfc.org

Webmaster – Mark Jones
Contact: joneszone2205@gmail.com