The fields are in the best condition that we have seen in years after spending the past couple of months trying to bring back the grass in many areas of fields 4,5 and 6.  We suffered a bit through the Winter by not seeding with Rye grass, but it has paid off as they now look immaculate once again.  We did not have to bring in any sod patches to replace areas of the fields and the rain combined with the hot and humid weather has really helped the process along.  By not outsourcing this year and doing most renovations ourselves, the club was able to save a lot of money.

Coaches, players and parents, please be mindful of the fields and pick up all trash after your scheduled training is over.  We must insist that coaches do any and all SAQ and warm up activities off the playing surfaces of the lined fields to eliminate unnecessary wear and tear to the turf.  Thanks you for your consideration to these matters and enjoy the rest of the season on our beautiful surface here at the Ranch.

Mudline: (949) 206-2416


Updated: December 3, 2015