Technical/Tactical Autobahn

UFC welcomes all players to the competitive gaming circuit of Southern California through our UFC Juniors program.  This phase of development is highlighted by its focus on how the individual must now make decisions and solutions based on the formation and qualities of the team.  While the individual and his/her skill still remains a priority, there is more emphasis being applied to the decisions they make with and without the ball.  While multiple teams may exist within the club in each age group, they will gradually be constructed in a way to help challenge each individual based on his/her ability level.  This developmental model will help ensure that even the best players will still be challenged daily, and those who are still building a solid foundation can do so at a pace suitable for success and enlightenment.

Passing and Receiving

UFC is a possession-oriented club that encourages and trains to beat teams with problem solving skills and fast, fluent movement of the ball.  In this phase, players will be asked to gain the technical and physical abilities necessary to move the ball from player to player with a high degree of technical speed.  We will encourage players to follow the motto of “Receive, Pass, Provide” and train each team with exercises that will help facilitate each players’ vision, movement and technical attributes.

Positional Play

The biggest obstacle many players will overcome in this phase will be learning how to move off the ball. Being able to know where you need to be prior to the play developing is a very advanced skill for many players. Our objective is to help players become more aware of space, time their movement to separate from the opponent and provide their team with proper balance and shape in order for game success to be achieved.

Program Goals

  • Major emphasis on passing and receiving techniques
  • Vision of the field
  • Positional knowledge
  • Selflessness on the field
  • Solving isolated situations on the field both individually and through combination play (small-sided game play)
  • Advanced training of ball manipulation (turns, solutions, controlling the ball out of the air with every body part, etc)
  • Intelligent movement off the ball to provide your teammates with support and allow your team to advance the ball
  • Team and Club Unity
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