The focus of United FC’s Academy Program is to provide a high level soccer environment for the recreational player. The training is designed to allow young players to explore the game of soccer, experiencing success and enjoyment, while developing technical proficiency. Additionally, the program will serve as an educational platform for understanding player development and the long term benefits of United FC.

This training program allows for younger recreational players to participate in the United FC Academy in conjunction with their community recreational commitment. Additionally, the program is thorough enough to be used as the sole source for soccer training. The training on Mondays will focus on technique while Fridays will primarily consist of small sided games.

Training sessions will focus on passing, collecting, dribbling to penetrate (moves/solutions), dribbling for possession (moves/solutions), finishing (shooting), defending, and simple tactics through small sided games. All activities will have a clear objective. Cooperative games and activities will help to facilitate an enthusiasm for the game.

If you would like to register or have further questions regarding the Academy program please contact